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Upper Valley Medical Office Cleaning: 3 Details To Consider

Dec 22, 2017 11:44:00 AM / by Robert Kebalka

When you choose an Upper Valley Medical Office Cleaning company to clean your facility, make sure you they provide clear communication with you and your staff. As medical cleaning specialists, they should listen, consult and clearly communicate what your priorities are in cleaning your office space. Priorities should be cleanly outlines and met on a regular basis. At Upper Valley cleaning we work with each customer to make sure priorities are clearly communicated and met every time we clean your facility. Here are three details to consider when hiring an Upper Valley cleaning crew.

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1 What type of cleaning products?

Your Upper Valley Medical Office Cleaning crew should have the experience and knowledge to recommend the right cleaning products for your facility. They should what types of surfaces you have in your facility and how to clean those surfaces with the correct cleaning solution. Many surfaces are cleaned for dirt and grime, but other many need sanitization and/or disinfecting. Our staff understands the difference and know how to clean each surface.


2 Quality Control?

How often does your cleaning company do quality control inspections at your facility? Medical office cleaning is not “set it and forget it.” When you are dealing with patients and HAI’s it is essential to make sure surfaces are adequately disinfected to prevent illness from spreading to other patients and staff. Here are some questions to ask:

  1. How often will they occur?
  2. Who will be performing the inspections?
  3. Are they documented?
  4. What standard have you set for quality control?


3 Communication is king!

Communication between customer and business is crucial for a successful business relationship. It might seem obvious to everyone how to communicate with emails, text messages, social media, letters, etc. There are dozens of ways to communicate today, but knowing ahead of time the expectations are key. Here are some tips:

  1. Who is going to be the point person?
  2. How are you going to communicate? Phone? Email? Web Form?
  3. Who will respond to your communications?
  4. How quickly will responses come?
  5. How will problems be dealt with our facility?
  6. Will there be follow-up after a problem is reported?


Upper Valley Cleaning offers a full line of medical cleaning solutions for medical offices, hospitals, nursing homes, etc. We work with customers throughout the Upper Valley region of Vermont and New Hampshire. If you have questions about our medical cleaning solutions, please give us a call or contact us here.


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Robert Kebalka

Written by Robert Kebalka

Having over 12+ years of experience in the cleaning business is certainly a huge bonus. Despite that however, we have not and will not lose focus on maintaining a standard of thoroughness and quality that truly does separate us from the rest. It's what we set out to build this business on and it's what we're going to ultimately keep as we progress forwards. Specialties:We do have the ability to do selective automotive detailing to superior standards. This is something that we do not have advertised on our website. Our floor waxing is also leaps and bounds above the competition.